Important notice: Autodesk has released an update to the Animation Store. You can download updates for 3ds Max 2013 here.

Welcome to the documentation center for the Autodesk Animation Store, a new feature found in 3ds Max 2013. The Animation Store is not only a resource for the world's highest quality 3d characters, but also automatically applies animation to any 3ds Max Biped or CAT rigged character.

Here you'll find information on how to use the animation store, frequently asked questions, renders of all characters, and help.

In 3ds Max 2014: You can find the store by clicking on Animation > Create > Autodesk Animation Store as well as under Help > 3ds Max Resources and Tools.

In 3ds Max 2013: You can find the store by clicking on Animation > Autodesk Animation Store

This video will give you a full walk-through of the animation store in 3ds Max.

General Workflow

1 - Select a character

The Animation Store plugin needs a rigged character input - rigged with Biped or CAT. Simply select the character's mesh or any joint. If you don't have a character, you can always click on the "Buy a Character" button to download one (many are free).

If you have a totally unrigged mesh, you can automatically rig it into a CAT or Biped by using the Mixamo Auto-Rigger.

2 - Search for an animation

Once your character is selected, click the "Search motions" button to pop up the animation search window. Use the filters on the left or keywords to find the animation you'd like to preview. Keep in mind all animations will be shown on your character in your scene for free, so that you may preview and customize the animation before purchasing.

3 - Edit animation

All of the animations provided are editable before purchase. Once your animation is selected, the edit controls will appear in the utility panel under the "Customize Motion" header.

4 - Purchase and download animation

Once you are happy with your animation, click the "Buy Selected Motion" at the very bottom of the utility panel. You will be prompted to login to your account, bypass login, or create an account. The benefits of creating an account are one-click payment with stored credit card, and convenient purchase history recall. Regardless of whether you create an account or not, your animations will be available for re-download by clicking the "Account" button.

Make sure that you have the original character that the animation was purchased on selected when you go to download the animation. If you attempt to download it on another character, the animation will potentially look incorrect.

Going further...

The animations you purchase are fully editable. In fact, 3ds Max supports animation layers, which allow you to non-destructively customize your animations. For more information on animation layers in 3ds Max, click here.